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When is the protection afforded through Entertainment Law needed?

When investing time and money in developing media and entertainment related productions. In the entertainment industry, skilled legal advice and planning are essential elements of success. From music agreements to TV shows, film rights, sports contracts and celebrity endorsements, entertainment law and an understanding of the legal complexities of entertainment law helps clients capitalize on their talents, products, and services.

An entertainment lawyer will counsel clients on issues involving a wide range of legal practice areas, including intellectual property, contracts, business, employment/labor, securities, international, taxation, immigration, and litigation. The legal practice areas on which the entertainment lawyer relies the most will depend on the nature of the client’s work within the entertainment industry.


Entertainment Law Defined

Entertainment law covers an area of law involving media of all types, including, television, film, music, publishing, advertising, Internet & news media, and stretches over various legal fields, including but not limited to corporate, finance, intellectual property, publicity and privacy, and first amendment. Music, motion pictures, television, and fashion form the cornerstones of entertainment law.


What facets of the entertainment industry does entertainment law encompass?

The scope of our entertainment law practice includes:

  1. Music law
  2. Support for labels seeking new artists
  3. Sports law
  4. Television and film law
  5. Modeling law
  6. International entertainment clients
  7. Adult entertainment
  8. Communications and media
  9. Representation of companies
  10. Internet and technology


What can an entertainment lawyer do for you?

An entertainment lawyer is an individual who has studied law and is responsible for representation of film and television contracts, distribution, and financing. The entertainment lawyer specializes in negotiation of contracts for their client and ensures that the client receives a fair deal.

An entertainment lawyer routinely works with entertainment producers and entrepreneurs on business plans, marketing plans, and legal strategy in:

  1. Copyrights
  2. Trademarks
  3. Trade secrets
  4. Deal Memos
  5. Confidentiality agreements
  6. Content distribution deals
  7. Entertainment technology matters and related issues


Helping artists, autors, and athletes

Artist Recording Agreements, Theater and Live Performance, Negotiating TV, Film & Radio Rights, Royalty agreements, Plagiarism, Endorsements Negotiations, Merchandising and Licensing Agreements, Author-publisher/"ghostwriter" contracts, Electronic publishing, First Amendment, defamation and privacy, Internet Publishing, Internet terms of use agreements, Censorship and Obscenity law.